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Get involved with the survey!

Step 1 – Find a Big Church Survey ‘Champion’

A Big Church Survey Champion is a nominated or self-nominated member of a congregation who voluntarily takes responsibility for running The Big Church Survey in their church. 

Step 2 – Sign up

Once your church has decided to participate in the Big Church Survey and a Champion has been identified, the Champion needs to register to start the process

Step 3 – Completing the survey

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, so you can do this during a church service or at the start of midweek gatherings. Everybody in your church community should be encouraged to fill in this survey, as the more information collected, the more tools and knowledge your church will have to help with their ongoing evangelism.

You can complete the survey in 3 different ways!

  1. App
    You can complete the survey by downloading The Big Church Survey app! It is available in both android and IOS and can be downloaded from any app store (insert link)
  2. Online
    You can complete the survey by visiting our webpage (insert link) and entering your data direct.
  3. Paper
    If it easier then you can complete the survey the old-fashioned way! Just download the paper version from our website (insert link). The data will then need to be entered into our database via the website by your champion.

Step 4 – Finishing

Tell us when your church is finished completing the survey by filling out the completed survey form!

The Church of England Hope Together Evangelical Alliance