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Thank you for piloting THE BIG CHURCH SURVEY

The BIG Church Survey will help you to understand how your church is doing with evangelism and sharing the Christian faith.

You fill out the survey we send you the results.

It's simple and short and will help you make plans for the future.

THANK YOU for joining in this pilot!

Introduction to the BIG Church Survey by Dr. Rachel Jordan-Wolf, National Mission & Evangelism Advisor, Church of England

Get involved!

Step 1 – Find a ‘Champion’ to run the survey in your church
Step 2 – Champion signs up to register your church
Step 3 – Get your congregation to complete their surveys
Step 4 – You receive your church's report

"The Talking Jesus survey has helped to raise confidence among Christians when it comes to sharing faith. The Big Church Survey will help Christian denominations, streams, dioceses and regions to gauge local confidence levels and tailor training to match the need."

Steve Clifford General Director of the Evangelical Alliance UK, and Chair of HOPE

"Each member of our congregations needs to be intentional when talking about Jesus and inviting others to church. The Big Church Survey turns a spotlight on how well we are doing and will encourage members to be enthusiastic ambassadors for Jesus and the local church."

Roy Crowne Executive Director, HOPE

"Many of our church members are effective in prayer, living godly lives and growing in the knowledge of God’s Word. The Big Church Survey will help them to successfully share their Christian faith with the wider community to grow the church."

Rev Canon Yemi Adedeji Associate Director, HOPE

"As churches seek to set God’s people free to be witnesses to Jesus every day and in every context, the Big Church Survey will help to evaluate our effectiveness, so we can plug the gaps. The more information collected, the more tools and knowledge your church will have to help with their ongoing evangelism."

Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf National Mission and Evangelism Advisor to the Church of England

BIG Church Survey Resources

  • iOS App

    iOS App

    Download the app for your Apple phone Visit link

  • Android App

    Android App

    Download the app for your Android phone Visit link

  • The BIG Church Survey PDF form

    The BIG Church Survey PDF form

    The BIG Church Survey downloadable form in PDF format Download file

  • The BIG Church Survey Logo

    The BIG Church Survey Logo

    Use this logo for any presentations or print your church is doing around promoting the survey Download file


We are partnered with HOPE, who support churches in villages, towns and cities doing more together in mission in words and action hopetogether.org.uk. With HOPE we have created Talking Jesus, a resouce to help people share their faith find out more

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